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At Realpiano we provide a bespoke, hand edited and personally produced piano recording service.
Located just 25 minutes by train from Paddington, London. UK. or just 30 minutes by car from London.

You can book realpiano for the following services:

1. “Piano Capture”
You can send in your piano midi file and we will record it using our Yamaha Disklavier DS6-Mk4-Pro 7ft hand built Grand piano , Brauner microphones and a seriously cool recording path with Prismsound converters and preamps!

We usually record to Logic Pro or MOTU Digital Performer. We will send you back a high quality audio file.

2. “Piano Session”
You can book our facility based in Farnham Common,Bucks, just 25 minutes from Paddington. London. For a piano recording session. The Yamaha Disklavier DS6  grand piano boasts a host of features. Apart from recording a straight piano session, you could for example record with other instruments like a String Quartet or Acoustic guitar, or even just vocals. In order to get the best recording, we can set the piano to “silent” mode so you only hear the Grand piano’s built in extra sound module through the players headphones, so the microphones on the other instruments or voice do not get piano recorded in the background!

3. “Remote Session”
The Yamaha Disklavier DS6 connects to the internet via Ethernet (LAN) connection.
If you need to play a session or perform a piece of music at another location say in LA or Tokyo, providing there is a Disklavier at the other end and once hooked up you can perform your piece here at realpiano and the piano at the other end will replicate exactly what you are playing! Imagine how much time and money you will save.

There are a number of other exciting ways to harness the enhanced functionality of the Yamaha Disclavier and at realpiano we are always keen to try out new ideas, push the boundaries and get great results!

You can be confident that the many years of recording high quality audio in both the digital and analogue domains means we are able to provide you with a pristine, high quality audio recording of your piano part, ready for you to include in your track, add to a mix or simply use on it’s own as a real piano.