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Once you have recorded your piano part as a midi file, you will need to check it is all ok. That will include checking there are no accidental notes. You also need to check the sustain pedal information. There are three main types of Sustain pedal on the market. The best is one which simulates a real sustain pedal recording increments of movement thats a “continuous data sustain pedal” like the Yamaha FC3. Then Korg do a pedal which is on, half on/off and off and then there is the simple switch pedal which is normally a little square job, it is a simple on/off switch and does not record increments, so the pedal movement is dramatic when played on the Disklavier, this type of pedal creates movement from 127 to 0 and 0 to 127 in a vertical line and is noisy!

The Continuous data sustain pedal is by far the best to record midi files for playback on a Disklavier as the realpiano finds that much more natural to interpret. Using this type of pedal you will also be creating a better quality file. Make sure the sustain velocities (data) are correct for the notes played, usually any midi velocity over 110 will be too harsh and require a global edit. You may need to open hyper draw in Logic or the Events page for what ever DAW you are using and adjust these settings. If your midi file presents any issues, for a further edit fee, we can edit it, tweak velocities and adjust the sustain pedal graph to better reflect continuous data type movement.

Remember that any mistakes you leave in your midi file, unless very obvious errors, will generally be considered as part of the performance and if anything is wrong with the audio file because of erroneous midi information, realpiano will not be responsible. Please check our Terms & Conditions.

Once you are certain your midi file is correct, you can send it in to us by email, together with any notes and information, we suggest you leave a 2 bar lead in on the front of your midi file and where appropriate advise of bpm.

We will check your midi file by playing it through to one of our midi piano modules. Providing it is all ok, we will send you a quote by email for recording the file to Audio.
If you want us to do any “extra editing” or add anything to the “flat” piano recording there will be an extra fee and you’ll need to let us know before hand. Once you’ve made payment we will process your file.

Finished audio files will only be sent to you on receipt of cleared funds. We will usually send you your audio file as a WAV or AIFF via Dropbox, you will receive a notification to the email address you provided and a link to access Dropbox and download your file.