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News Update Saturday16th April 2016

Article about Realpiano in International Piano magazine April edition !



News Update Monday 8th February 2016DSCN3183

Hopefully everyone’s recovered from Christmas and the New Year and back in their productive seats or saddles !.. Here at Realpiano, we’ve done some very interesting piano recording sessions, including a bunch of piano for the forthcoming movie “Florence Foster Jenkins” starring Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Rebecca Ferguson.. very interesting !

News Update Thursday 4th June 2015
Realpiano “Proud to have played a part”
It’s been a busy few months with software updates for the Disklavier and Yamaha kindly supplying a hand made replacement Lyre for the S6! a slight defect in the mechanism had resulted in an increase in sustain pedal noise. The Yamaha guys decided to replace the whole Lyre which is essentially the entire foot pedal structure! It took a couple of months to arrive but once Neil and his colleague had spent a few hours here removing the old one and fitted it we were all so pleased with the result, the difference is amazing!

We’ve had a wide variety of piano midi to audio work ranging from salsa and latin jazz for Mr Alex Wilson to a some very interesting Production music for film and TV. One of the exciting things about is you never know what sort of piece you’ll be recording next !

News Update Monday 21st September 2014

Great Piano and Double bass recording session with Neville Malcolm on Double Bass and Matt Cooper on the Disklavier DS6 Grand Piano.. “Feeling Good”.. sounding great!

Neville & Matt

Neville & Matt

Nevile on Bass

Nevile on Bass


News Update 14th August 2014

Here are some pics of the new set up:

DSCN2525 DSCN2505 DSCN2504 DSCN2498 DSCN2489

News Update 1st August 2014

It’s been a busy time at apart from relocating the set up to a cool new location in Farnham Common, there has been a steady stream of wonderful pieces we’ve recorded to audio from midi files sent in by clients all around the world. In the LISTEN section of this website scroll down and check out the piano examples, my favourite is “Nanda” by Dario Boente who sent the midi file from New York and we recorded the realpiano audio here.

Further down the same page, you’ll find a track we recorded realpiano for, it’s called “Til Thin”, by Trausti Bjarnason the vocals are in Icelandic !

Realpiano “Proud to have played a part”

News Update 19th September 2013

Apart from the regular run of midi to audio tracks for clients we are also currently recording, producing and mixing for Ms Henta Ellis’ new album. Henta sent over the midi files from USA, for her piano parts, once recorded as realpiano, she was thrilled with the results and we have agreed to help record other parts with our top session players, Mr Karl Vanden Bossche on Percussion and Mr Neville Malcolm on Double Bass and I’ll be adding some Guitar too !

here’s a link to a short video featuring the recording of one of Hentas’ piano parts:


News Update 15th May 2013

News Update 15th May 2013
Just arrived this morning, straight from Brauner factory in Germany, one Brauner Valvet microphone still in the case, ready to join big brother, the Brauner VMX over the Piano. Thanks Dirk !


Realpiano is proud to have been asked to provide the recorded piano parts using the Yamaha DS6-Mk4-Pro Grand piano, for Magnus Lerviks’ very special new release “Song for Mom” just out this week, available from all good on line music stores. The song was written by Magnus to celebrate his mothers’ life and the proceeds will go to Cancer charities.

Magnus heard about Realpiano from reading an article in SoundonSound, he got in touch and emailed over the midi files from Gothenburg, Sweden. After some careful editing the parts were recorded to 24bit high quality audio with Brauner mics and Prismsound Orpheus mic pre/conversion. The realpiano audios then sent back to Magnus and dropped into the mix !

You can watch the video here:

Find out about Magnus & his work here:
Buy it here:
And, can also find it here:

News Update Friday 25th January 2013

We’ve just had a great week at with Mr Cliff Haywood who booked sessions on site. Cliff came out to the studio and enjoyed the “hands on” experience of playing and recording his tracks on the DS6 Yamaha Grand both as audio and Midi at the same time. The result was we were able to edit and finish the recordings of ten of Cliffs new tracks plus over dubs in a day, after a long but very productive session, Cliff left with a hard drive full of 24 bit audios and their midi files, a contented composer, it was great fun too!



News Update Wednesday 9th January 2013

Ladies & Gentlemen, today the new Yamaha Disklavier DS6 Mk4-Pro was delivered. Thanks to Charles and David for all their help, Manu and Neil for a very competent pre delivery prep at Yamaha, Milton Keynes and to Dick & Darren from Yamaha for their very professional delivery and set up!

S6 Yamaha Grand Piano Logo

DS6 Mk4-Pro Disklavier Grand Piano

DS6 arriving !

News Update Friday 4th January 2013

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a wonderful 2013!

We have some exciting news for 2013. We are very excited to announce that within the next few days we are expecting the arrival of a wonderful Yamaha DS6-Mk4-Pro. This beautiful new addition is a hand built 7ft Grand piano featuring the Pro series Mk4 Disklavier automation system. In our tests and trials, we have found it to be superior and much more capable of delivering the Professional standards we expect in every midi to audio recording plus the quality and hand built pedigree of the actual S6 Grand piano is a huge bonus !



News Update Tuesday 9th October 2012

Mr Richard Hayden Smith our piano tuning specialist, the Yamaha Disklavier E3 Grand piano has to be regularly tuned and kept up to spec. Thanks Richard !

Mr Richard Hayden Smith realpianos’ specialist tuner


News Update Wednesday 26th September 2012

Page one of five , Article in SoundonSound magazine October Edition, out now!

News Update Friday 31st August 2012:

Mr Neil Farrar from Yamaha visited Realpiano to run a full re-calibration and tune up on the Yamaha Disklavier E3, following a big software update. Sounding wonderful Neil thank you !


News Update Wednesday 25th July 2012:

Jonathan welcomed Mr Hugh Robjohns, Technical Editor and Mr Sam Inglis, Features Editor from Sound on Sound to realpiano, for a fun filled, hot Summers day, testing and comparing different Mic preamps and microphones with and against our own Brauner and Prism kit. Look out for the forthcoming October issue of Sound on Sound with a special article on the comparison featuring Realpiano’s Yamaha Disklavier. Thanks to Hugh and Sam for a great day !

Mr Hugh Robjohns & Mr Sam Inglis from Sound on Sound at realpiano’s Disklavier

Mr Hugh Robjohns at the helm!

various preamps to compare !


News update Wednesday 18th July 2012:

The new Brauner VMX arrives from Brauner HQ in Germany.. thanks Dirk, sounding brilliant !

News Update Monday 2nd July 2012:

We are a UK based company just west of London offering piano recording services centred around our Yamaha Disklavier E3 Grand piano.

Devised by Jonathan Dodd with Matt Cooper and other prominent pianists on board, we employ a high end signal path including Brauner microphones, Maselec pre amps, Prism Orpheus  digital conversion, recording to Logic Pro or MOTU Digital Performer (DP7). Please see our gear list for further info.

Traditional piano recording sessions can be arranged as the piano is playable as a fully functional C3 Yamaha Grand. The main appeal of this service however, is the Disklavier technology harnessed to our high end recording path, we are able to offer MIDI to Audio recording service which allows clients to send in their own midi piano performance, which can then be recorded at up to 24 bit/ 96kz.

We also offer Remote session where another Disklavier in another location can link via internet with ours and the player’s performance will be replicated on both pianos! Clients will of course be able to discuss via Skype.


July’s edition of SoundonSound magazine, page 12:

SoundonSound magazine July 2012