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The first bit of gear we’d better mention (in case you hadn’t noticed by now!) is our new:

Yamaha DS6 Mk4-Pro Disklavier Grand Piano.

Recording Path:

Brauner microphones

GP Electronics PML200E dual Mic pre amp.

Prism Orpheus mic pre and AD/DA

Apple Mac Pro

Logic Pro and/or MOTU Digital Performer (DP7)

Other equipment:


UADII card with various high end plugins i.e: Manley Massive Passive).

MOTU Midi Timepeice AV

Sound modules: Emu Proteus, Ensoniq Mr Rack, Roland JV1080

Lexicon Reverb unit

Hafler P3000 amp

Dynaudio acoustics BM6 monitors

Mackie HR626 & HRS120 Monitors

SPL 2Control

FATAR Studio1100, 88 note weighted keyboard

Mackie 1604 Vlz mixer

Various other microphones including AT4033a, AKG C-391, Shure, etc.


Audio Technica ATH-M50, Sennheiser HD250, Sony MDR D77 and Yamaha HPE 170

MTR-6 Headphone splitter/amp

We are constantly reviewing, updating and renewing the gear list so the “line up” is subject to change !