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Piano Capture:

The fee for recording your midi file to audio will depend on a couple of factors. We charge by the length of the recording in minutes and for any further work which you may ask us to do.

Simply send in your midi file as an email attachment to be evaluated and we’ll provide you with a quote. Typically a normal 3 minute part will cost around £150 depending on editing needs and we offer a discount if you have a number of midi to audio pieces you want done.

Please bear in mind that if your project involves several tracks or you have budget restraints, we are always happy to try and help with a good deal, just get in touch and let’s see what can be done!

If you want us to edit or alter your file, re-write a part, arrange, play or process the piece, this will attract a further fee.We will advise you beforehand of any further charges and In accordance with your confirmation, carry out the work. All work will need to be paid for prior to delivery of your file.

Piano Sessions:

If you want to book a Piano Session or Remote Session you will need to contact us to discuss your requirements and the time you will need or the length of your project.