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Testimoials and clips:

“There is no point of using piano plugins to record your midi files anymore.  brings accuracy, dynamics, warm sound and a great real touch to my piano mid files”.

Dario Boente, Pianist/Keyboardist. New York. USA

Henta Ellis is a Singer/pianist/Songwriter we recorded piano and also Percussion and bass parts for her album. She is based in USA:

here’s an introduction to realpiano filmed by a Henta:

A couple more testimonials:

“A great service – Jonathan really takes care of your needs and works the MIDI files to ensure that the piano responds as required and you get the result you need.  With my salsa piano tracks this is no mean feat – thank you!”

Alex Wilson, Pianist, Producer & Arranger. Zürich, Switzerland


“When I found myself working in the most northern part of Norway, there wasn’t any facility for live piano recordings. I had my midi keyboard, my computer and an internet connection. I sent the piano midi file of my song to Jonathan at and I got back this pristine, high quality stereo recording of “me” playing his 7ft hand built Yamaha S6 Grand piano. I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. This is technology at its best, making live recordings possible even from the most remote places. Thanks Yamaha, many thanks Jonathan &

Trausti Bjarnason. Composer, Producer. Reykavik, Iceland.

Here’s Traustis’ song video clip featuring real pianos’ DS6 Mk4 Pro:


“I had the opportunity to work with the amazing piano recording system created by Jonathan Dodd. After a time of preparation and adjustment – as is required for all systems (and all instruments, of course) – is able to offer us the performance that no virtual instrument can give in terms of realism – because the instrument is here at the end of the process and the chain and not the reverse. Also, the care that Jonathan brings to the maintenance of his piano, patient support, knowledge and admirable quality of his studio, which he maintains with exemplary care, make this service a new indispensable tool. I must say that his opens wonderful paths and changes our perception of the potential for realization and production.”

Claude Marc Bourget, pianist, composer and producer. Quebec. Canada (translated from French).

There’s also this video from Magnus Lervik in Sweden, featuring our realpiano recorded from his midi file, although the piano in the video is not our DS6 the piano audio is ! Here it is in his track: